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Are you imagining how the future of construction building will look like? You can find tangible applications at Futurebuild exhibition at ExCeL London.

© MBA Photography 2020

We could not miss this international key event in the eco building calendar that brings together 450 brands across the world to show the path for a more sustainable construction industry.

Everybody should come to figure out the latest innovations about revolutionary products, solutions and materials.

To make a real difference is important to sensitize companies about the latest environmental problems and Futurebuild is the perfect platform where the Lead Innovation Partners (TCC, UKRI and KTN) can create a network to carry out this mission.

All the exhibitors are well focused on the issue and each of them provides innovative and low-carbon impact solutions for a less polluted and eco-friendly world.

A brilliant example is given by Smart Systems Ltd (picture below) with their new interior screen and walk on roof systems: an effective combination of innovation, design and technical expertise.

© MBA Photography 2020

ACO Building Drainage launched the ACO RoofBloxx system (picture below), a roof attenuation system that allows designers to create green spaces at roof level which is fully compatible with The London Plan for the urban development.

© MBA Photography 2020

This Futurebuild feature, in partnership with The Concrete Centre (picture below) and This is Concrete is exploring innovation and new technology in materials, production, logistics, construction and re-use.

© MBA Photography 2020

It was interesting to find out how concrete is evolving and innovating to deliver a sustainable built environment now and for future generations.Visiting E80 Booth in the Materials Hub .

© MBA Photography 2020 © MBA Photography 2020

To sum up, the event was a big opportunity to meet potential partners and to open our mind to new inspirations for our upcoming projects.

We are already looking forward to participating at the next edition of Futurebuild to discover the further developments of our industry!

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