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Personal Statement

Matteo B. is a fully qualified Architect,  ARB (Architects Registration Board) and RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and AIA ( The American Insitute of Architects) registered.

As a Professionally Qualified Person, he has also met the Health and Safety awareness requirements as laid out in the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Scheme Booklet and First Aid at work trained by St. John Ambulance.

His experience covers a wide range of projects, both home and international of different sectors, scales, and stages..

Besides his architectural training in Venice at I.U.A.V and Paris at UP6/UP8, he also achieved a Ph.D.E.A in Industrialization of Construction at the University Polytechnic of Madrid (ETSAM) and RIBA Part III at  The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL in London.      

He worked as a Researcher and attended a Master Course in “Scheduling, planning and designing public healthcare facilities” at the BEST (Building Environment Science & Technology) department of the University Polytechnic of Milan.

He decided in 2010 to move to London to step up his international exposure and to work in possibly the most important architectural environment in the world.

Matteo Borsetti

Director & Principal Architect

BA(Hons) Architecture, Dip Arch ARB, RIBA,

Intl. Assoc. AIA

Matteo Borsetti


2009-2010          Master’s degree in Architecture                                                 for Health care  

                            (Hospitals, Primary care centers)

                            University of Architecture,

                            Politecnico di Milano, Milano-ITALY

2006-2009         PhD.EA (Diploma of

                            Advanced Studies)

                            in Industrialization of  Construction by                                      the University Polytechnic of Madrid                                          (ETSAM- Sup.  Technical School of                                            Architecture of Madrid), SPAIN


2000-2001         Bachelor degree in Architecture,                                                University of  Architecture of Venice

                            (IUAV), Venice-ITALY 


1997-1999          DEUG in Architecture, University of                                           Architecture of Paris  ( UP8 - UP6),                                             Belleville & La Villette, Paris- France 


UK Qualifications


School of Architecture

2011/23              RIBA Part III & ARB

                             The Bartlett School of Architecture

                             UCL - London 

2014                    First Aid at Work By St. John 


2013                   CSCS Card - White - HS&E Tested as                                          Professionally  Qualified Person

Work Experience


from 2015          Principal Architect

                            Residential and temporary projects  

                            Company: MBA Architects 

                            London , UK


 2011- 2015        Project Manager

                             Exhibition's Design & Build

                             Company:  STUDIOSTAND Ltd

                             London - UK 


2005 -2009         Creative Director

                             Temporary, Commercial Architecture

                             Company: S. Architecture & Design

                             Calle Velazquez 50, 28001



 2003-2005         Exhibition Designer

                             Architecture for Exhibitions

                             Company: Arredostandarea S.r.l

                             Via del lavoro 26B, 44051,

                             Bologna- ITALY


2001- 2003        Assistant Site Manager

                            Buildings Construction

                            (Offices, Theaters, Social Houses)

                            Company: COGEI S.p.a

                            Via Zanardi 2/7, 40131,


1998                   Architect Assistant

                            Company:Agence Carbonnet Architectes

                            Rue Taylor 5, 75010,

                            Paris -FRANCE


1997                    Internship

                            Company: AJN - Ateliers J. Nouvel

                            10 Cité d'Angoulême 75011,

                             Paris - FRANCE

Grants & Awards


2011- CONSTRUTEC: ARCHITECT & INDUSTRY                                      (AWARDED PROJECT) Barcelona / Spain


            Architectural Photography

           (AWARD FINALIST) London /UK

University Main Experiences  


2009-2010          Ph.d Researcher

                             Research Group BEST

                             (Building Environment Science                                & Technology)

                             University Polytechnic of Milan.                            


2007- 2008        Ph.d Researcher

                            Research Group INVISO                                             (industrialization of

                            sustainable housing)

                            University Polytechnic of Madrid                              (ETSAM)  Superior Technical                                    School of Architecture of



2006                    International Workshop -                                          Building Construction

                             with earth  . Department                                          of Construction (ETSAM)

                             Boceguillas, Segovia


1998-1999         Assistant Professor-                                                 Architecture and Cinema

                            (Filming & Editing)

                            UP 6- Ecole Nationale                                               Supérieure d’Architecture

                            Paris-La Villette. 



- NEXT STEEP : RSH+Partners at the Venice    

   Biennale 2016 TEKHOMES, Blog. Jan (2017)    

   Keywords: Tree House; High density;

   Sustainability; Flexibility


- The tallest building of prefab panels of Spain    

   IETCC Construction Reports . Vol 61 , N 513    

   (2009) Keywords: living place; industrialization;    prefabrication; Prefabricated panels


- The construction process of the "Canal"            

   theaters of the architect JN Baldeweg

   IETCC Construction Reports . Vol 60 , N 509    

   (2008) Keywords: Theater; Post-slabs;    

   Suspended façades; Mixed structures


System operative: Windows_Mac Os X

Drawing: Archicad _ Autocad                

Modelling: ArtLantis  _ 3dmax  

3D animation: Twinmotion

Microsoft Office: Word_Excel_PowerPoint 

Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop



Italian     (Mother Tongue)

English   (C1- Advanced)

Spanish  (C1- Advanced)  

French   (C1- Advanced)

International Competitions

2021-   Pause /MUSE - Fukuoka , Japan

             Designing spaces for Contemplation

             (Shortlisted Project)


2014 - LIGET BUDAPEST - Museum of                       Ethnography (not submitted)



           (Shortlisted Project)

2008- MADRID: BOOK FAIR INSTITUTIONAL               PAVILION  (Shortlisted Project)

2007-EUROPAN 9: SUSTAINABLE CITY AND              NEW PUBLIC SPACES With ZULOARK:            12 projects submitted in 12 different              countries (WINNING  in 2 countries) 

2006 - CORDOBA: TRANSIT                                           architecture transition

2006 - “LA GARENA” 103 SOCIAL HOUSING:                Alcalá de Henares .Madrid


2005-   THE NEW PUBLIC LIBRARY OF                          GUADALAJARA- MEXICO

             (Shortlisted Project)

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