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Last week we entered a mysterious and magical place: the London Union Jack Club!

It is located in the suburb of Waterloo and is a unique and inspiring meeting venue in the heart of London.

Interiors of the Union Jack Club

In fact, we witnessed an interesting refresher course held in the halls of that club.

The day was held with a variety of seminars, to be precise 5, interspersed with refreshments for guests.

Each seminar was held by an expert in the field, who for about an hour exhibited today's roofing's avant-gardes to the guests.

Among the companies that gave the seminars we find : SSQ NATURAL SLATE, KEMPER SYSTEM, BILCO UK LTD, RECTICEL INSULATION and INFRAGREEN LTD.

The seminars had some common themes, including roof-renewal technologies, and ranged between problem solving, product presentations and technical forums.

The seminar room at Union Jack Club

All the guests listened to the experts talking about these marvelous technologies.

At the end of the sessions, some questions and details were given.

The room for networking and refreshments at UJC

As an Architect it's really important to keep up with the latest news in the industry!

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