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Women in Construction: Virtual Panel & Networking

When we talk about the construction industry, we might subconsciously think of it as a male-dominated industry. In the "Women in construction Virtual panel & networking" webinar, Amanda Stone shared a data on the distribution of women workforce in the construction industry, 9.9% of the construction workforce is women (2019). Most of the positions are in sales and office (28%) and professional & management (44%). 80% of women feel excluded from companies’ social events, 57% of women report that ill-fitting PPE hampered their work, and experience higher rates of injury and mortality than men due to ill-fitting PPE.

Amanda said, Sometimes when someone pursue opportunities, how does women present themselves differently in their environment? For example, work in a male-dominated field.

Reema Albahri, Carisima Koenig AIA, Yonelle Baptiste, Georgina Lalli started the discussion.

Women’s communication styles are different. We shouldn’t think that this is just a personality, there is a repetitive effect. When you have enough experience, you will understand when you can use it.

When women think of the construction industry, they think there have many different job options. Like lawyers to review contracts, purchasers, accountants, and engineers. We need not only those who dig the ground with shovel on the construction site. There are many other occupations, and they can still make an impact in this industry. Engaged in construction industry services, construction management group will be a good start, ensure that you get a complete circle, and know what you can do.

Confidence is also important. Is a way of making you feel that you can talk to your senior manager to support your work and express that you want to grow in that environment.

You have to clearly know what you want to do and what you want to achieve. If you don't say anything, no one knows that you want to work hard there. For example, in some evaluation departments, if you head down, no one will know that you are performing a task. So, please raise your hand and go to the boss and say, ‘Hey, I’m looking for a position that suits me. This is where I’m looking for growth, what should I do, what I need to do.

You have to confidence in your own value. Taking this step, there are opportunities that you must work hard to find and take the initiative.

When women are promoted to leadership and management positions. You must make sure that you have female compatriots in the industry and company who support you. So when we decide to quit, we must be good at giving others opportunities. In this way, we can continue to allow women to enter management.

If a job is not suitable for you, or the opportunity doesn’t come along, please go ahead and you will find the right position eventually. Opportunities usually don't come by themselves, so you need to actively create and fight for them. Put your focus there, you can communicate with the right people, let your boss know what you are looking for, and don't miss every opportunity and possibility, even if you are a newcomer, you can do this.

A good summary: After understanding the company structure from top to bottom, many leaders and customers who are confident in the career development of women. Therefore, women must have confidence in their abilities, work harder, come to the negotiating table, know their value and take action, use all available resources. Biodiversity will help improve our business and whatever we are working on.

Sources: New York Festival of Construction Online / Women in construction Virtual panel & networking webinar

Image’s sources: Women in construction Virtual panel & networking webinar


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