Housing and Residential Development

A new seminar took place at RIBA London HQ this Tuesday, 24th October, concerning today’s trends about housing and residential development. The PIP Seminar gathered architects, practices and architecture firms from all over the UK and discussed, with partners and guests, topics that spaced from heating to insulation, also exposing 3 case studies from the project winners of the respective competitions.

Topics were:

- The Behavioural Economics of Heating - Case Study: Vaudeville Court - Cost verses Risk specification tool - Case Study 2: The Malings - Rigid Full Fill Cavity Wall Insulation - Case Study 3: St John’s Hill - Panel Session and audience Q&A

The 2-hour long seminar showcased new approaches to modern architecture and building materials, how to build densely and manage open space, understand the client’s sometimes-irrational behaviour (following what the economist Dan Ariely and Richard Thaler explained in their books) and the cost of taking or not taking risks with construction decisions.

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