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The best events of the 2017 London Festival of Architecture

It was called "Memory" the theme of the 10th edition of the London Festival of Architecture, an opportunity for participants to reflect on the future for London's post-war architecture. We collected the best events which took place during this month:


One of the most successfull event of this edition was the walking tours took in the historical places of Silvertown, an area of London's docklands set to be completely transformed in the next few years. Probably the last chances to take in the derelict Millennium Mills, a flour mill used as a set for innumerable films and TV shows ("Ashes to Ashes" so far). A look to the past and to the future too: "Active Design", Cities Dialogue section took place during the major exhibition "London: Design Capital" at The Building Centre reflected on the future of our cities, creating more pleasent streetscapes and, at the same time, giving the streets back to the city-dwellers.

The Building Centre

The London School of Architecture was protagonist of a weekend-exhibition where presented 30 new models for living in the capital under the themes of New Living and Future Prosperity. Their models respond to issues including climate change and population growth.

Night Time at Right Time

The delicate balance between opportunity and compromise in a 24-hour city was explored in The Building Centre's exhibition "Night Time Is The Right Time" showing the ideas that can help cities work better at night. "Night Time Is The Right Time" showed there's still a lot to learn from global cities with exciting night-time strategies and improving economies to match. Source and images:

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