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The Surface Design Awards 2021 was successfully held in London

The Surface Design Awards 2021 held on Thursday 11 February 2021 and live streamed from London. Among them, the impressive Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Center in Pune, India by IMK Architects was named the Supreme Winner, as well as being awarded the ‘Public Building Exterior’ award.

The Surface Design Awards recognise the best use of innovative surface materials in architecture and design from across the globe. Launched 8 years ago, these prestigious Awards keep growing year-on-year and are often seen as a reference for the architecture and design industry. Judged by some of the leading designers in the industry, and entries come from all over the world.

Now, Let us review the main content of the awards event together.

The Awards were hosted by author and architectural commentator Aidan Walker.

First, Sally Angharad (material and trend expert) introduces some materials for positive and sustainable future.

The main content is "beauty of scrap", "colourful moments" and "touch through sight". In introducing the scrap materials, she explained that we can use some methods to innovate and transform, discover their hidden potential, and add value to them.

She put forward the importance of materials and craftsmanship, and listed some materials in focus, such as Honext Boards, Sea Stone, Io Light, Cocoa, Metamorphism and so on.

In the introduction of colourful, she talked about "dynamic design", "experiment & play", "reinvented colour" and other contents, and gave examples of materials with rich colours. For example, Circular Slot, Fold, lliw lleol, Algae Experiment II, Bio Iridescent Sequin, Chrysalis, etc.

Touch through sight mainly describes the "experience of materials", "interactive design", "emotional connection", "optical illusion" and "past & present". The main materials include Glass Lamination, Altered Vision, Mother of Pearl, Vestiges, etc.

Subsequently, Hannah Malein (Creative Director Colour Hive) gave a speech about "Colour, material and finish forecast---Spring Summer 2022". It introduces from four dimensions: "society & culture", "technology & innovation", "enviroment", "politics & economics".

- "society & culture"mainly introduces collectivism, meaningful luxury, craving nature and socially good.

- "technology & innovation", the keywords are "experts only" and "health tracking".

- "enviroment", introduced green recovery and preservation.

- The main content of "politics & economics" are protectionism and uncertainty.

And the last, she introduced global CMF directions SS 2022 and Colour Overview SS 2022.

If you want to know more about the finalists and winning entries of Surface Design Awards 2021, you can click on the banner below to learn more.

We look forward to the next edition of the SD Awards in February 2022 where we'll probably participate too !

Image’s sources: The Surface Design Awards 2021 screenshots


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