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Designing spaces for contemplation

This era of Covid -19 pandemic and the lock down periods, they made us discover new values ​​and reflect more on what life will be like in the future in our cities. According to mental health organisation 60% of 18-24 years old and 41% of 25-35 years old are struggling with stress and anxiety.

Meditation has long been associated with mental well -being. It is way of life that is independent of place and time and has direct effect on health, happiness, sleep and longevity.

Said this, we wanted to immerse ourselves in a new architectural competition proposal that we will publish in the coming months, after obtaining the result, were the main role was precisely to create spaces to take a break from the frenetic activity of our cities and design a place of contemplation where an individual can escape from the stress and anxiety trough meditation in a peaceful environment and in contact with nature.

For now we leave you with the curiosity and we will update you soon on the project site/area and the results .

to be continued..........



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