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Social Housing


International Competition for the construction of 103 rent-controlled housing in Alcalà de Henares (Madrid):

In defining the master plan of the project we have discarded the idea of a united front only parallel to the principal Avenue.
We felt that the subdivided intervention into several parts could achieve an interaction with various elements producing semi-private and semi-public spaces.
We have chosen to make a differentiation of the elements that make up our type block: with "massive" shapes and materials for the area for residential use and light and transparent ones to the public spaces.
Part of this transparency has been transmitted to the corners of the apartment's blocks overlooking the gallery glass containing the entrances to the apartments.
Completely hollowed throughout the height of the floor, thus helps to lighten the mass of 5 face brick walls. Again, to cut with the mass of face bricks, we used elements in metal rusted sheet, with dual function "brise-soleil" and in some of the windows.
The lateral sides have a thin metal "skin" of the same color of the main elements of the front, breaking the surface and interrupting brick residential block up to the roof level. In addition to mark the central column (columns and wrought), we have used as materials the white cement on the top floor and we have planned a white cornice wider to hide facilities solar panels that occupy almost the entire surface of the roof. In the central zone and protected from the stripe in red metal are located the energy accumulators from solar panels.


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