The Huts – Eastbourne is an exciting new initiative from Eastbourne Borough Council that invites submissions to their competition to find iconic designs for bespoke beach huts to be sited at intervals along the front in Devonshire Ward.

The Hut was conceived as a concession for exhibitions space for local art galleries, especially to exhibit small art works (photographs, paintings, sculptures) and becoming at the same time a small tourist attraction. The art works may be hung by wires to the metal structure leaving the transparent walls free.
We wanted to place this Hut in Zone No 1 because it seemed the most suitable for the function that will take place near the Eastbourne Pier which attracts the majority of visitors. The structure was initially designed in stainless steel or another option in anodised aluminium with glass and then, to reduce costs, we opted for a structure with beams and columns in Mild Steel, box section 120 x 80 mm, with paint weatherproof protection and with transparent walls and ceiling constituted by polycarbonate panels with a thickness of 25 mm.
The "Reflective Box", we called it that way, It rests on a platform of 10/12 cm with a wooden floor, the main entrance will be protected by a roof with at the bottom a mirror that will reflect the image of the people entering the Hut, at the same time the exterior/interior transparent walls reflect and reveal the image behind the town and the sea front promenade.
We chose the white color for the "Reflective Box" referring to the predominant color of the surrounding buildings also because this way the sun will reflect and will highlight this Hut , tourists will be intrigued and want to visit it.


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