The aim of this project is, with a temporary and reusable structure, explain to the citizens the history and evolution of the Wandsworth Borough over the years.

The Information Pavilion is designed to be able to be re- located and adapted to any desirable location, either inside or outside the Borough.

Inside the pavilion, visitors can find models of  the different areasand new aproved projects to “build an even better Wandsworth” and, of course, an information point. This way, the  building can also be used by the Council to interact with its citizens.


Based on a modular truss bar structure, the assembling of the pieces is very easy and fast, allowing the building to be moved between locations in a very short time. The system creates a structural grid that support the building envelope and leaves a very flexible interior space, able to adapt to many  configurations.

The programme includes a conference and a meeting room (which can both be used for multiple purposes) and around the central information point, there’s the exhibition zone, some relaxing areas and other necessary services.


The exterior walls are designed to demonstrate the informative nature of the pavilion, using cladded panels with images of the Borough showing the new projects explained inside.
The decorated wall cadding reveals the inside main use to the outside, so that the building can always work as an information centre.

The interior resulting space can allocate many functions besides the informative one, multiplying the building possible applications and making it a very useful tool for the Council.


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