The program addresses the regeneration of a peripheral area of the old town of Erice between Porta Spada and the church San Giovanni. The very complex intervention in sensitive areas such as those surrounding the town can be addressed by deepening the relationship between public and private space. 
The difficult relationship that the expansion areas live with the historical center will be revitalized using new services, useful to qualify the mesh expansion around an area of value as that of the old town of Erice.

The proposed project is a sort of extension of the walls of Erice, the purpose of redefining the visual boundaries of the medieval city.

Taking advantage of the complex morphology of the land in the study area, the project comes from thinking you want to create a public space for minimum impact with a camouflage with the natural shape of the land itself; contour lines give rise to a system of stone terraces that define the squares with a panoramic view of alternating areas to service buildings (Cafe-Restaurant, Library, Multipurpose Cultural Centre), and parking areas.

We planned to place in the area below the squares 100 parking spaces for residents and non-mixed; in this way the movement is limited to residents in the street Apollonis Piscina which we expect to expand and make the second driveway and road created service to residences placed parallel to the existing one.

These terraces stretch all the way to the most low site until incorporate and enhance the buildings to recover such one used by the Civil Protection and the Chapel.

The lower zone of the project area is intentionally left for residential use, with a type of house in patio and a panoramic roof garden .


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