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Could Grenfell Tower fire have been avoided?

“We are on record as saying time and time again that we are desperately worried that our Building Regulations have been falling behind the scale and the scope of what has been going on in the world of the built environment: Dennis Davis showed his anger after Grenfell Tower that killed, at least, 79 people and his worries about the future fire regulations, that the politicians have to update.

At the Firex International event, in a panel titled "Grenfell Tower: why building regulations need to be reviewed", Fire Sector Federation vice chair said: "Currently the construction industry’s approach to fire regulations is laid out in Part B of the government’s Building Regulations Approved Document, published in 2010. Seven years is far too long to wait for an update to the document, particularly in the changing world of construction". Fire Protection Association technical director Jim Glockling also criticised the government, accusing it of "withholding data crucial to helping it identify trends when it came to new construction methods and materials. It’s like holding the Olympics but not telling any of the athletes when it will be ready and that is the situation we are in with regulations currently". Source:

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